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Senior & Dickson have been manufacturing plastic injection mould tools for over forty years, and as such our experience and knowledge has grown. We provide our toolmaking services in Yorkshire and surrounding areas, and offer a thorough assessment of your needs to give you the best experience with us.


Our staff evaluate your toolmaking requirements so that we can give you long-lasting durability and effectiveness for the best possible price. These requirements could include what material you’ll be processing, as some need a stronger composition to work efficiently on more aggressive materials, the number of parts the tool will be making over time; some tools can make up to 500 parts a year, verses others that make up to 500 parts in an hour. Another essential aspect to consider is whether the tool requires any additional components such as internal threads or ejection on the feed side.   


All of these requirements and the price are considered before the first brief or the request for quote (RFQ) arrives in your hands.  


Here is an insight into some of our toolmaking processes: 

Spark Erosion

Spark erosion is one of the manufacturing processes that we use. It creates a specific shape using electrical discharge, or sparks.

Wire Erosion

Wire erosion is a machining process that cuts metal using an electric spark between the workpiece and a thin brass wire.

CNC Milling

CNC milling works by removing material to create a final design. This involves multipoint cutting tools controlled by computerised programming.

CNC Turning

CNC turning is a process that involves raw material being secured and turned by a lathe with a single point cutting tool moving to parrel to the axis rotation.

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