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Since our start in 1981, Senior & Dickson have continued to be focused on providing quality plastic injection mould tools and injection moulding for a range of different clients and customers.  


Our family-based business remains loyal to our original customer base, while growing our services to include toolmaking, and concept design in our Doncaster based facility, while offering overseas manufacturing of tools partnering with suppliers that work to our specifications efficiently and quickly. 


Our friendly team of staff are here to assist with any and all queries you have.

Take a look at a day in the life of our team:

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Darren is our Managing Director. Having been in the injection moulding and toolmaking industry since leaving school at 16, he has worked his way up from an apprentice toolmaker to the manufacturing director of a FTSE 250 company before his acquisition of Senior & Dickson in 2018. His responsibilities include controlling the direction of the company’s operations, and giving strategic guidance so that he can make sure that Senior & Dickson succeeds.



Our Design Engineer helps us design products to custom specifications, improve product efficiency and performance, and he looks at ways we can improve our processes to give the best quality products with a small turn over period.



Nicola controls our finances, overseeing accounting and ledgers, so that she can identify results, forecast outgoings and incomings, and detect trends in the financial data. Nicola is also the first port of call for many of our customers.



Les is our Mouldshop Production Manager, overseeing the production process and continually improving this process every day, planning schedules, and ensuring that the workflow of the mouldshop is set to meet the required deadlines.



Our Tool Room Manager, Pete, oversees and is responsible for the supervision of everyday toolroom operations, implementing site safety rules and solving technical issues. His role helps us to maximise productivity and maintain a high level of quality when it comes to our projects.



Steve is our Warehouse and Logistics Manager, regularly organising, storing and monitoring the distribution of our resources and items, so that we can provide a streamlined service for our customers. His responsibilities also include ensuring that our suppliers are consistent and effective throughout the entire company.



The quality of our products is incredibly important to us, and as such, we have been awarded the latest ISO9001 accreditation, which is the International Standard for Quality Management Systems (QMS). This means that we meet the ISO’s quality management principles, which include a strong customer focus, evidence-based decision making, and commitment to continual improvement.


Taking a turn towards renewable energy

Senior & Dickson's environmental dedication prioritises sustainable practices, actively addressing our carbon footprint and promoting energy efficiency. In 2022, partnering with MyPower, we decided that a 99kWp solar PV system aligned with our sustainability goals. After consultations with the Northern Power Grid, an installation contract was formed. Collaborating closely, our electrical engineer and MyPower implemented an efficient solution that met with export limitation regulations.

The July 2023 installation coincided with electricity metering upgrades and contracts for measured excess generation sales. Going live in August 2023, the 99kWp system is anticipated to annually generate over 85,000kWh, meeting 20% of the site's electricity needs. Projected with a 5-year payback, Senior & Dickson's solar adoption predicts 40 tonnes of CO2 emissions avoided per anunum.

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